Too Salty to Sink In! Great Salt Lake Sightseeing Tour

Swimming in Great Salt Lake on a sightseeing tour from Salt Lake City

It’s true! The Great Salt Lake is so salty that it is impossible for a person to sink while swimming in the lake. Our tour guests tell us that swimming in the lake feels so strange…as if an imaginary inner tube is beneath them, pushing them to the top! Join us on a sightseeing bus tour to Great Salt Lake departing downtown Salt Lake City at 3:00 PM Monday through Saturday. Free hotel pickup in the downtown area or free parking at Hotel RL is available. This fully-narrated 2-hour guided tour to Great Salt Lake includes terrific tales and fascinating facts about the lake some have nicknamed “America’s Dead Sea.” On the drive to Great Salt Lake you may see some of the 257 species of birds that visit Great Salt Lake every year as part of the Central and Pacific Flyways for migratory birds, numbering several million a year. Take in the beautiful Rocky Mountain views that surround this inland sea as your guide shares stories and history that you’d never get on your own. Book online at or click this link Great Salt Lake Tour.